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Client Background
As information technology continues to evolve, people's reliance on offline channels is gradually decreasing, and mobile financial interactive software has become an important bridge for banks to interact with consumers. As one of the most historical foreign banks in China, the brand was facing the challenges of digital transformation. They need to understand their customers better and provide more personalized services to break out in the field of serious product homogenization.
Products Purchased
Evolving Challenges
A Lack of Internal Data Structuring
The bank's internal and external data structure is not aligned, data management is restricted by multiple levels, and data is not connected across departments.
An Extensive and Diverse Customer Base Makes Precise Analysis Difficult
The bank caters to almost demographics (except young children), and the service content focuses on different groups, so account managers need to spend more energy providing personalized services.
Products Lack Personalization, Resulting in Low Conversions
In this market, the homogenization of financial apps is a serious disadvantage, especially with users' needs changing day by day.
Difficulty Identifying High-Value Leads, a Lack of Customer Profiles
While maintaining current users, we need to explore incremental long-term users and refine operations.
Our Solutions
Data Management
Unify Data Structure and Establish a Data Hub
HYPERS builds big data platforms, designs the overall technical architecture, manages data, and migrates historical data into our systems.
Build an Integrated System to Standardize Data Collection
HYPERS structurally manages data monitoring and integrates each touchpoint, guaranteeing the data source quality, and expanding the breadth and depth of data.
User Operations
Collect Behavior Data to Supplement User Profiles
Customize user tags based on behavior data within the APP and applet. Also, integrate multi-terminal data to draw complete user profiles and provide accurate marketing services and decisions for customers.
Analyze Behavioral Data and Optimize Platform Functions
Organize product structure and business processes, build key indicators, continuously improve application functions, and enhance user retention and conversion.
Precise Targeted Marketing, Attracting More Users
Based on user tags, analyzing user needs, collaborative filtering algorithms, and personalized information for target groups. These efforts improve the efficiency of attracting leads while reducing conversion costs.