Win in the Golden Big Data Era.

Data Processing with High Efficiency and Stability

The securities industry generates a huge amount of transaction data, market data, and quotes. For example, a medium-sized securities firm averages hundreds of GigaByte logs per day. Meanwhile, the undulation of securities business results in unexpected massive data.

The data hub on Hadoop, powered by HYPERS, helps ingest, curate, integrate, explore and visualize data in near-real-time. It runs stably and efficiently at peak and ensure the proper running of upstream-and-downstream systems.

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Transaction Log Analysis

There is a huge amount of valuable data with high quality in transaction logs, including system data, trade data, regulation data and customer behaviors. However, clusters that store these data are usually distributed around the nation.

HYPERS provides a centralized and unified platform on Hadoop to manage, secure, govern and analyze all transaction logs. With the easy-to-use interface and customized query feature, securities firms are armed to achieve advanced analytics, quickly locate issues, make informed decisions to drive businesses.


Regulation Compliance

Compliance requires the right data. By integrating, transforming and standardizing data into a centralized platform, HYPERS solutions enable securities firms to satisfy regulatory audit requests, reporting and compliance with trusted data leveraging the scale of Hadoop.


Acquire, Retain and Foster Customers with Connected Experience

Keeping customers in a long term while expanding new customers is essential to any financial institution. HYPERS is here to help create the holistic customer profile and segmentation, gain valuable insights from installment, payment, loan and other behaviors, predict what customers prefer, and offer the personalized experience.


Risk Management

HYPERS provides solutions to monitor and screen suspicious activities and high-risk behavior patterns in real time, including sending invalid requests and frequent transactions from idle accounts. With HYPERS, financial institutions are armed to proactively manage risks and make informed decisions.