Digital Transformation

IDC predicts that by 2021, over half of global GDP will derive from the digital economy, with the figure expected to reach 55% in China.

Digital transformation has been the core strategy of enterprises. How can you harness the power of digital technologies to solve digital puzzles? How can you create stunning digital products and services for customers? How can you evaluate the digital journey?


You’ll find the answers with HYPERS.

Customer Research

The traditional method of studying customers based on samples and offline data has gradually been replaced by the disruptive solution that utilize big data from both online and offline.

By leveraging the power big data and cutting-edge AI capabilities, HYPERS helps enterprises worldwide from Finance, New Retail and Automotive sectors to achieve innovations in decision making, operation and product delivery.


Interactive Digital Marketing

HYPERS provides you with a full range of solutions in digital marketing, including creatives design, digital products operation, analytics, advertising, social EC, CRM and CMS.

Data & Analytics

Enterprises increasingly depend on data to drive digital transformation. HYPERS provides data and analytics services that covers big data processing, data mining, business modeling and data visualization, which powers data-driven decision making.


Data Lake Services

HYPERS Data Lake is delivered in a professional, reliable and efficient way, for Banking, Securities, New Retail and Automotive industries.

Building Big Data Application

As the pioneer of Hadoop research and application in China, HYPERS has been working closely with big players in this area, including Hortonworks, Cloudera, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Business Intelligence

Based on the short-term goal and long-term vision of enterprises, HYPERS offers a suite of professional BI solutions, including BI tools deployment, data visualization and custom dashboards.


Digital Products Operation

On a daily basis, HYPERS reaches over 0.6 billion mobile users and over 0.3 billion PC users. The digital products HYPERS provides cover dozens of areas, including marketing automation, advertising, measurement, analytics and third-party DMP.