Public Domain Advertising
HYPERS has the world's leading Nielsen Digital Ads Rating solutions and Marketing Cloud solutions in China. With years of experiences in public domain marketing for top international and domestic FMCG, retail, automotive, and luxury clients, we provide brands with comprehensive end-to-end, all-in-one public domain marketing intelligence services.

Services include:

• Intelligent precision advertising placement based on 1st party data + user persona.
• Global-credited real-time advertising monitoring and traffic validity audit
• Help brands manage consumer data assets, form 360 view of consumers, and gain in-depth insights into consumer preferences
• Connect and stream omni-channel marketing data and fully attribute marketing effectiveness and empower marketing decisions, and improving marketing ROI.
Private Domain Operation
We help our clients with digital transformation strategy to achieve sustainable business growth. With a team of digital marketing experts, we optimize marketing approach through digital analysis, market research, technical support, business development, and online strategy. We help highlight business value and opportunities by analyzing massive amounts of data, allowing clients to seize digital marketing opportunities and increase their overall reach.

Specifically, it includes pain point analysis, customized solutions, in-depth analysis of user data, and marketing system planning.

Our digital marketing operation modules includes a scenario-based marketing strategy with a marketing tool, data-driven applications, private domain operational strategies, and omnichannel membership system planning. HYPERS intelligent marketing tools enable brands to establish trust with customers, develop in-depth customer and operational data analysis has built an exclusive dynamic marketing growth model for brands, bringing more engaged. With customized marketing growth model, brands will attract quality customers to convert and repurchase. Quickly unlock the ability to sustainable growth.
Business Analysis
With a data-driven and fact-based approach (OneID, Single Customer View & Tagging System) we build consumer asset perspectives, full lifecycle metrics systems, and analysis systems for brands. Based on our proprietary technology, we provide clients with customized data analysis solutions that are descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive, giving brands an upper hand in terms of diagnosing the health of their marketing campaigns and the ability to forecast traffic. Our systems empower brands to utilize consumer algorithm tagging to optimize campaigns and leverage CDP/CRM to inform marketing strategies.
Business Concultancy
Through business analysis and consulting services, we establish data management and analytics systems for brands in digital marketing and full-domain scenarios, such as CDP, three-party (e-commerce/content/social), and consumer operation platforms. Our services improve brands' consumer tagging and profile systems while empowering 1st,2nd, 3rd-party full-domain consumer linkage strategies to achieve refined user asset management and operation for brands. Our services enable brands to achieve excellent user asset management and operation.