Analyze and Improve Customer Touch Points

Customer touch points grow as digital channels expand. Hyper Analytics Cloud provides a series of analytics tools that help you measure the full marketing journey, diagnose conversion issues, and improve experiences across each touch point.

Better Attribution for Better Results

The advanced multi-touch attribution models embedded in Hyper Analytics Cloud help you evaluate the digital ad effectiveness and the impact of each digital channel, allowing you to optimize marketing spend with more granular insights.

Get Realtime Actionable Insights

Uncover trends in your data instantly with minutely and hourly reports in intuitive dashboards.

The Foundation Built for Big Data

Hyper Analytics Cloud collects your first-party data precisely, steadily and strictly. You can access, manage and analyze your data all in one place.


Hyper Web Analytics

  • 10 billion+ PV processed per day, born for Big Data
  • One-stop solution for code deployment and multi-channel management
  • Seamless integration with Hyper Advertising Analytics for tracking campaign and conversion
  • 8 years+ in product, trusted by hundreds of enterprises worldwide

Hyper Mobile Analytics

  • DAU 0.6 billion+ tracked, 12 billion+ requests processed per day
  • SDK is updated monthly, and it supports 7 mobile operating systems
  • Deep insights into app usage, user acquisition, engagement, retention , funnel and users

Hyper Video Analytics

  • Trusted by industry leaders, including TVB, iQiyi, Youku and Tencent
  • 12 billion+ requests processed per day
  • Rich-dimensional analytics of videos, audiences and their behaviors
  • Advanced features include Video Ranking, Livestream and Realtime Report

Hyper Advertising Analytics

  • One-stop analytics solution for advertising, including ad effectiveness, ad delivery validation and in-flight insights
  • Maximize ROI by allocating ad spend to the most effective and profitable channel