Challenges of Balancing Privacy Protection and Personalized Experience
As consumers begin to forego privacy in exchange for convenience, it's becoming increasingly difficult for traditional privacy management systems to provide consumers with refined, customized marketing and service experiences while remaining compliant with the ever-changing privacy regulations.
Inefficiencies in Marketing and Management
Consumer privacy consent makes marketing more difficult, and with a continuously expanding compliance framework, brands are in desperate need of solutions that can go live quickly, be easily updated and maintained, and be efficiently scaled up.
Solutions and Advantages
HYPERS has always prioritized data security and user privacy protection, helping brands efficiently manage privacy authorizations and preferences with ease using our ready-to-go, easy-to-deploy, and expandable platform that supports personalized configuration of the following:
Legal Compliance and Authorizations
The platform has obtained ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Privacy Information Management System Certification to protect consumers' rights to know about data use and exercise the rights of data subjects according to legal requirements.
Ease of Integration Improves Management and Marketing Efficiency
•   Natively connected with other HYPERS products, brands can manage data collection, privacy authorization, and preference management for all brand assets and consumer communication with a centralized solution while maintaining cost efficiency.
•   Filter data based on consumer authorization preferences at each stage and protect user identity through encryption, ensuring personal privacy is fully protected.
•   Provide consumers with a high-quality experience that better meets their needs based on their real-time authorization status.
•   This leads to an increased consent rate while drastically reducing privacy-related complaints, resulting in more available consumer data for advertising purposes while maintaining and adhering to the highest level of privacy compliance standards.