Unprecedented Consumer Distraction
With ever-evolving touchpoints and channels, it's increasingly difficult for marketing communications to attract consumers’ attention. Brands are constantly increasing budget but struggling to see effective results.
Low Consumer Retention and Conversion Rates
Most marketing strategies do not effectively meet consumers' needs for personalized and unique experiences, resulting in low retention rates and difficulties to convert potential consumers into customers.
Data Latency
Brands lack digital analytics tools and platforms required for up-to-date monitoring and analysis, making it difficult to efficiently assess the channel(s) capacity for customer acquisition or optimize the consumer journey in time to improve ROI.
Solutions and Advantages
HYPERS efficiently and comprehensively collects data to optimize consumer experiences across multiple channels while enhancing user conversion and retention rate.
Precise Consumer Acquisition
A real-time dashboard with updates in second can instantaneously assess the effectiveness of customer acquisition advertising, allowing us to efficiently optimize strategies that work best for each channel.
In-depth insights on consumer behavior
Comparing industry indicators for brands in great details, and we develop custom attributes and events to achieve deep insights designed to fit various industries, brands, and scenarios.
Efficiently Track Conversions
To meet the needs of different businesses, key user behaviors (conversions) can easily be tracked and monitored through our intelligent event tracking system, enabling easy conversion journey optimization to improve the user experience while driving conversions and user retention.
Real-Time Guidance to Drive Growth
Select key indicators to be monitored according to business specific objectives, compare different business scenarios through multi-dimensional cross-analysis, gain real-time data insights, provide powerful support for subsequent decision optimization, and effectively improve operational efficiency and decision-making agility.