Inefficient Ad Serving Process
As consumer demand and touchpoints become increasingly diverse, traditional ad serving processes and purchase can no longer support the diverse and precision marketing in the digital era.
Ambiguous Advertising Results
Without the ability to integrate omni-channel data or scientifically finetune ad serving strategies cause businesses ineffective communication and lower conversion rates.
Solutions and Advantages
HYPERS enables comprehensive management of the ad serving placement process through programmatic and intelligent reach with superior processing power.
A One-Stop Shop for All Your Needs
Providing a complete and integrated solution while supporting a combination of unified purchasing strategies and multiple purchasing modes, including RTB, PDB, and PD to meet various customer needs.
Ad Serving Strategy Optimization
Maximize the return of your advertising budget through a combination of multi-brand product placements, cross-media joint frequency control, and target group behavior tracking. To ensure right content will target right groups at the right time.
Prioritized Target for High-Value Customer Segments
Using our algorithm, we can prioritize content to reach higher-converting customer groups efficiently across all platforms and devices.
Optimize Ad Placements With AI Algorithm Model
Execute personalized customer journeys through AI-driven algorithms that can predict click-through rates and adjust bidding strategies in real-time. Improve reach quality and achieve effective and accurate communication.
Data-Driven and Optimized Retargeting Strategies
Seamlessly integrates with open-sourced data and advertising analysis platforms to enable holistic end-to-end tracking and optimization. Detailed reports and metrics provide a clear understanding of impressions and ROI while supplying valuable information to be referenced for future advertising strategies.
Unleash Business’s Full Potential With Unrivaled Computing Power
Our computing systems are fast and powerful; up-to-the-millisecond response speeds, 24/7 online stability, and the ability to process billions of advertising requests daily.