HYPERS Privacy Policy
Updated Time: January, 2022
General Terms

We, Shanghai Hypers Intelligent Information Science and Technology Group Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as “Hypers”, “Our Company”, or “We”)understand your concerns about personal information protection and determines to respect the privacy of your personal information. Please read and learn Hypers Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “This Privacy Policy” or “This Policy”) before you submit any personal information to Hypers. This Policy applies to the Hypers website, products and services which shows This Policy through authorization or links.

This Policy states how Hypers collects, processes, uses, retains and deletes your personal information, but it may not address all possible data processing scenarios.

The purpose of us to make This Policy is to help you understand following content:
•      I. How Hypers Collects and Uses Your Personal Information;
•      II. How Hypers Uses Cookies and Similar Technology;
•      III. How Hypers Discloses Your Personal Information;
•      IV. How to Access or Revise Your Personal Information;
•      V. How Hypers Protects Your Personal Information;
•      VI. How Hypers Processes Children’s Personal Information;
•      VII. Third Party Suppliers and Their Privacy Policy;
•      VIII. How Hypers Updates This Policy;
•      IX. Exclusions and Disclaimer
•      X. How to Contact Hypers.

I. How Hypers Collects and Uses Your Personal Information;

Under most circumstances, in the light of the functions of our products and services as well as the nature of our business, we don’t collect personal information. We only process personal information under the authorization of our clients. The scope of personal information and the measures we employ to process the personal information is strictly provided by the entrust agreement by and between Hypers and our clients, which is derived from the privacy policy/agreement you opted to agree with or authorize our clients to collect and process your personal information.

But we only collect and use your personal information when you visit and use our website or use our products or services for a trial. The purposes of us to collect your information is to provide you better web browsing experience and enable you to use the products or services. You have the right to provide or not to provide your personal information. But under some circumstances, if you choose not to provide your personal, we may not be able to allow you to access all the webpages and provide correspondent products or services. We also may not be able to respond the problems you may encounter.

When you choose to visit our website, use our products or services for a trial, you authorize us to collect the information you provide to us as well as following information which is necessary for us to provide website content, products or services to you:the web log, device Information, IP information (+) and other relevant information.

Among which, the web log information we collect is for the purpose of testing fraud, file archives keeping and backup. The device, IP and other relevant information we collect are for the purpose of verifying your ID, security protection, anti-fraud supervision, file archives keeping, backup and service safety.

The aforementioned information you provided shall be continuously authorized for us to use during our provision of the website content, our products or services for you. We only retain your personal information for a period permitted by relevant laws and regulations of PRC. When you notify us to terminate your consent or authorization to allow us to use such information, we will stop using and will delete the information of you as per your explicit request.

We warrant that we will carry out de-identification and anonymization process in accordance with the provisions of the laws after we collect your information. For legally non-personal information such as the information which individually to be used or even to be used together with other information, but still cannot identity the person’s ID, we will process them as follows:
If we combine the non-personal information with other information and we are able to identify your personal ID, or if we use your non-personal information with your personal information, during the period of such use, we will consider this non-personal information as your personal information and will process and protect them in accordance with the provisions of This Privacy Policy.

For the purpose of better operation and optimize our technology and service, or due to the change of business strategy, which may cause us to collect, use, or process your personal information beyond the scope as aforementioned or use the information we collected for the purpose other than the purpose as provided in This Policy, or if the information we collected for one specify purpose to be used by us for another purpose, we will, during the reasonable period of time after we obtain your personal information and before we start to process your information, acquire your additional authorization.

II. How Hypers Uses Cookies and Similar Technology

a. Cookie
For the purpose of keeping the website functioning normally, we sometime store a small data file named as Cookie in your PC or mobile device. Cookie is a plain text file which is stored by web server to PC or mobile device. The content of Cookie can only be read or searched by the server which created it. Every Cookie is sole to your web browser or mobile application. Cookie usually contains tag, website name and some number and characters. With the help of Cookie, the website can store the user’s preference data and the data of the goods in the user’s shopping cart.

The purpose of Hypers’ use of Cookie is similar to the purpose of most of website and online service provider, i.e., improve the experience of the user. By applying Cookie, the website can memorize the user’s each time visit (by using the dialog Cookie) and multiple times visit(by using permanent Cookie). By using Cookie, the website can save the settings (e.g. the language, the font size, and other browse preferences settings of the PC and mobile device) which means that the users don’t have to re-set the preference settings every time when they visit the website. If one website doesn’t use Cookie, then every time when the user visits the web page, the website will deem the user as new visitor. For example, if you logged in one website and then visit to another web page, the website cannot recognize you and you have to log in again. Hypers will not use the Cookies for any other purpose other than the purposes as prescribed in This Policy. You can opt to manage or opt out the Cookie as per your preference. For more details, please visit AboutCookies.org. You can delete all the Cookies saved in your PC, and most of the web browsers has the function to block the Cookies. But if you do so, you have to alter the preference settings every time when you visit our website. For your understanding of the details of how to change web browser settings, please visit the link: Internet Explorer  Google Chrome  Mozilla Firefox  Safari  Opera

b. Web beacon and Pixel Tag
Beside Cookie, we also use the web beacon and pixel tag or similar technology on our website. For example, the emails sent by Hypers to you may contain links of URL which links to the content of Hypers’ website. If you click this link, Hypers will track this click to understand your preference of products and services, so as to improve our customer service. Web beacon usually is a transparent image which is imbedded in the website or email. By using the pixel tag in the email, we can learn that whether the email has been opened or not. If you don’t want us to track your activity in this manner, you can at any time, unsubscribe from the email sending list. Using our website means you authorize and agree that we can apply Cookie, web beacon, pixel in the way as stated above.

III. How Hypers Discloses Your Personal Information

In the circumstances that some of services are provided by the authorized partners of Hypers, Hypers will share the personal information with our partners in the way as stipulated in This Policy. For example, when the client bought Hypers’ products or services, Hypers must share your personal information with the logistics service providers to arrange the delivery of the necessary documents or goods your bought.

As permitted by applicable laws and in response to applicable legal procedure, Hypers may disclose your personal information to relevant law enforcement entity or other government organization. Hypers may also disclose your personal information in the event of the existence of reasonable necessity, i.e., for the purpose of contract fulfillment, out of our judgment, for the necessity of stop physical injury or loss of property or for the purpose of investigation of potential (or real) illegal conducts. Such disclosure shall be necessary and proper.

IV. How to Access or Revise Your Personal Information

You shall be accurate when submit your personal information. Hypers will do its best to maintain the accuracy and completeness of personal information and will update the aforementioned information on time.

As required by applicable laws, you may: i. Have the right to access specific personal information which we obtained from you; ii. Ask us to update or revise your personal information if there is any inaccuracy; iii. Deny or restrict our use of your personal information; and iv. Require us to delete your personal information. If you intend to exercise your rights as stated above, please contact Hypers. In order to safeguard the security of the information, you may be asked to provide written request. If we have reasonably determined that your request is fraudulent, not achievable under current technology, or may cause invasion of others’ privacy, we will deny your request to process.

As required by applicable laws, after Hypers gets your approval or authorization to process your personal information, you have the right to revoke your approval or authorization. You must be sure that you have notified Hypers (and our authorized partners) of your revocation of approval (or authorization) and such revocation shall not affect the legality and effectiveness of our process of your information based on your approval (authorization) we obtained before, as well as the other justifiable basis.

If you believe our process of your information is inconsistent with the applicable personal information protection laws and regulations, please find the contact information in Article X and contact us. We will respond to your request within 15 days.

V. How Hypers Protects and Retains Your Personal Information

Hypers takes seriously about your concerns of personal information safety. We take appropriate physical, administrative, technological safeguarding and protection measures to protect your personal information and to prevent them from being visited without authorization, being disclosed, used, revised, damaged or lost. For example, we will use encryption technology to make sure the data to be kept in confidentiality. We will use protection protocol to prevent data from hostile attack; We will deploy visit control mechanism to make sure only authorized persons can access the personal information; and we will carry out relevant training courses of web security and privacy protection laws and regulations to enhance employees understanding of the importance of the protection of personal privacy information. We will try our best to protect personal data, but please understand that no security measure is flawless.

We will keep your personal information for a period as necessary as the purpose of This Policy requires. Unless as required or permitted by law, we will not prolong the period to keep your information. The period for us to keep your information may be different depends on the different types of business scenario (website content) or products (or services). The elements to determine the period of keeping your personal information include: the period which is necessary to achieve the purpose of the business, which including the provision of the goods and services, maintenance of the relevant business transaction and record, control and improvement of the function, quality and quantity of the products and services, response to the inquiries and complaints of the users and the resolution of the problems; whether the user agrees to a longer keeping period; whether there is any special requirement by the laws or contracts to keep the information for a longer period. As long as the account is necessary for us to provide service to you, we will keep your registration information. You can opt to terminate your account. But when you terminate your account, we will not be able to provide you the products or services under your account.

VI. How Hypers Processes Children’s Personal Information

Our products, website, and services are for adults to use. If without the consent of parents or legal guardian, children shall not create a user account. Under the circumstances which allow us to collect children’s personal information as per the consent of parents or legal guardians, we only use and disclose children’s personal information as permitted by laws or under explicit consent (authorization) by parents or legal guardians, or out of necessity for the purpose of the protection of children. If Hypers detects any collection of personal information of children without the consent of a verified parents (or legal guardian), Hypers will immediate stop the collection and use of aforementioned information and delete such information as soon as possible.

VII. Third Party Suppliers and Their Privacy Policy

To optimize the experience of our users and provide more services to our users, you may receive content provided or web links from third party suppliers of Hypers (or our partners) (hereinafter referred as “Third Party” or “aforementioned Third Party”). Hypers has no control over Third Party. You can decide by yourself whether or not opt to visit the link, content, product, service provide by Third Party. Except for the purpose of the fulfilment of the contract obligations by and between you and Hypers, Hypers will not share or co-process your information with any third parties. Hypers is not able to control Third Party’s privacy and data protection policy. Aforementioned Third Party is not bound by This Policy. Please read the privacy policy of Third Party before you submit any personal information to Third Parties.

Hypers is not able to control Third Party’s privacy and data protection policy. Aforementioned Third Party is not bound by This Policy. Please read the privacy policy of Third Party before you submit any personal information to Third Parties.

VIII. How Hypers Updates This Policy

Hypers reserves the right to update and revise This Policy from time to time. If we change our Privacy Policy, we will post the most updated version of the Privacy Policy here. If we intend to make significant change on our Privacy Policy, we may send you the notice of such change through different channels, such as posting such notice on our website or sending you a separate notice.

IX. Exclusions and Disclaimer

Please note that according to relevant laws and regulation as well as national standards of PRC, in the following circumstances, we are allowed to collect and use your personal information without your consent or authorization:

a. directly relevant to national security, national defense;
b. directly relevant to public security, public health, major public interest;
c. directly relevant to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, judgment execution;
d. out of the necessity to safeguard you and others’ life, property and other major legal rights and interests but the situation is difficult to obtain your consent;
e. the personal information we obtained is disclosed by you to the public;
f. the personal information we obtained is from legally disclosed information such as news report, government information publicity;
g. the personal information is necessary for the execution and performance of the contract as required by you;
h. the personal information is necessary to maintain the security and stable operation of the software or relevant services, such as detecting, processing the malfunction or breakdown of the software or the services.
i. the personal information is controlled by news entities and it is necessary for it to carry out legitimate news report;
j. it is necessary for the academic study entity to carry our statistics work or academic study in the light of public interests, and before the result of such academic research or description is provide to outsiders, the personal information in the result shall be de-identified.
k. other exceptions, exclusions and exemptions as provided by the laws and regulations.

X. How to Contact Hypers

If you have any question, complaint or recommendation regarding This Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer with following contact info,Email: dpo@hypers.com ,Phone No: 021—63868620,33F West Tower, Raffles City The Bund,No.168 Gongping Road, Hongkou, Shanghai.