increase in marketing efficiency
increase in campaign ROI
CTR increased
Client Background
As a world-renowned leader in the sportswear industry, the client places great importance on communication and personalized marketing strategy. However, this required both a high degree of alignment with the group's headquarters brand strategy and local deployment based on Chinese data security requirements. After thorough communication with the client, we built a brand-side CDP to achieve integrated consumer insights and personalized customer segmentation to support brand differentiation strategies and empower brand eco-building and operations.
Products Purchased
Evolving Challenges
Data Silos
With numerous consumer touch points, data is isolated across various channels such as e-commerce and offline, making it difficult to integrate and manage properly.
Difficulty Driving Improving Conversion Rates
Due to a lack of platform and technical capabilities to integrate data from all delivery touchpoints, brands are unable to instantly see the effectiveness of their marketing efforts across different channels, making it difficult to optimize their strategies to maximize marketing revenue.
Unable to Build Clear User Persona
The original consumer tagging system is not detailed enough to meet the personalized and diversified needs the new generation of consumers requires.
Our Solutions
Systematic omni-channel data integration and genetic mapping
CDP Construction
HYPERS has the industry's leading 100 billion tag computing power and millisecond processing response speed, creating an easy-to-maintain, high-speed, intelligent, and stable marketing middleware system, supporting real-time and offline batch access, integrating omni-domain data for brands, opening data silos, uncovering massive data, revitalizing enterprise data assets, and grasping the entire life cycle all brands, channels, and touchpoints in one screen.
Connecting hundreds of millions of user data points, showing how data is linked within a group, and tracking the entire consumer lifecycle from offline to online and from public domain to private domain journeys, allowing brands to deploy fine-tuned strategies through comprehensive multi-touch user interactions
Decoding digital genetic mapping pain points, building exclusive, dynamic, and evolutionary solutions
User Consent Management
HYPERS, as a leading company in the industry, has always held data security and user privacy protection to the utmost importance. As the first company in the industry to build a user consent management platform as a standardized product, it helps companies manage privacy consent and preferences easily and efficiently.
Media Placement Attribution
MTA (multi-touch attribution) analysis model, stringing together optimal paths, exploring different media contributions, and optimizing media budget allocation.
Market automation
Use market automation tools to manage multi-channel and multi-touchpoint private domain marketing activities. Conduct personalized communication and coupon promotion based on customer tags and user segmentations to increase user interaction rates.
Unlocking business potential and driving efficient growth
Full-domain Data Integration and Linkage
One screen gathers data from all channels, enabling brands to achieve accurate insights across the entire chain of users, from the public domain to the private domains, bringing personalized experiences to different consumers more flexibly and efficiently.
Deeply Personalized User Activation
Intelligent media attribution models and marketing automation tools make communication between brands and users more accurate and efficient, effectively improving user interaction rates.
A Privacy-Conscious Personalized Experience
Easy and efficient user authorization management, protecting consumers' privacy while giving them a marketing experience that better meets their needs.