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Client Background
Facing the era of the digital transformation, the automotive group created a new online sales and data management department, aiming to reshape the brand's interactive communication with customers and cater to the increasingly diverse product and service needs of its customer base. The group wanted to create a more innovative marketing model that is different from traditional sales and ensured that the brand remains competitive in an increasingly competitive market.
Products Purchased
Evolving Challenges
Data Silos
Consumer data is segregated across different systems, traditional manual analysis is inefficient and cannot meet the needs of massive data analysis.
Campaign Effectiveness is Unclear
In the past, brands spent a lot of money on media campaigns, but lacked the platform and technical capabilities to integrate data from all touchpoints and channels, resulting in brands not being able to instantly understand the effectiveness of their campaigns across different channels. This creates problems when it comes to efficiently optimizing their launch strategies, resulting in conversion rates not meeting expectations.
Insufficient Consumer Personalization
The barriers of touchpoints between channels make it difficult for brands to access and address the complete user journey, from generating leads to registering for a test drive. This results in limited exploration of owner characteristics and insights, making it difficult to flexibly meet consumers' personalized needs.
Our Solutions
Systematic omni-channel data integration and data genetic mapping
HYPERS has built a DMP for brands to solve multiple issues such as data integration, data application, media effect evaluation, and audience analysis across different channels to provide brands with holistic insights into existing car owners and potential customers.
Decoding digital genetic mapping and pain points, building exclusive dynamic evolutionary solutions
Overall Marketing Evaluation and Optimization Analysis
HYPERS helps customers efficiently evaluate the marketing effectiveness of different channels such as new media, advertising, and social networking sites to accurately grasp the promotion quality of channels, identify new areas for advertising, guide media buying, and use results to drive optimizations.
Anti-Fraud Ability to Verify Traffic
HYPERS uses anti-fraud data analysis paired with an effective anti-cheat algorithm model, which will easily detect and reject abnormal traffic spikes.
Multi-Channel Integrations
Seamlessly connect to HYPERS AD SERVING ad placement management platform with various third-party ad placement platforms to provide strong data support for programmatic buying.
Unlocking business potential and driving efficient growth
Real-Time Guidance for Growth Decisions
Through deep mining and decoding of integrated data, brands can discover more detailed user insights based on real and complete user journeys.
Instant Ad Delivery Feedback
Brands can adjust their content and channel strategies based on real-time results to achieve precise content delivery to high-value, targeted customer groups, effectively improving ROI.
Deeply Personalized User Activation
Helping brands get closer to their customers, refine their practices, and meet customers' personalized product and service needs while improving overall efficiency.