of media and user data
increase in revenue
increase in ad placement ROI
(*average campaign improvement for the year)
Client Background
As a global leader in the beauty industry, the client has been expanding its business over the years and has accumulated a strong consumer base and data assets through years of deep cultivation of the industry and unique insights into the products. However, as new players continue to enter the market, public domain traffic becomes more and more expensive, and consumer demand for areas such as skincare and beauty continues to segment, all of which places higher demands on the company's capabilities on big data application and consumer insights analysis.
Beauty & Cosmetics
Products Purchased
Evolving Challenges
Data Silos
With numerous consumer touch points, data is isolated across various channels such as e-commerce and offline, making it difficult to integrate and manage properly.
Unable to Build Clear User Persona
The original consumer tagging system is not detailed enough to meet the personalized and diversified needs the new generation of consumers requires.
Consumer Attention is Segregated
Traditional marketing strategies have been unable to effectively attract and retain consumer attention. A "one size fits all" content model no longer fits the current consumer information acquisition habits.
Difficulty Driving Improving Conversion Rates
Due to a lack of platform and technical capabilities to integrate data from all delivery touchpoints, brands are unable to instantly see the effectiveness of their marketing efforts across different channels, making it difficult to optimize their strategies to maximize marketing revenue.
Difficulty Balancing Privacy with Personalized Experiences
Consumers are saying "no" to privacy for convenience, making it difficult for brands to effectively provide consumers with a more refined and customized marketing and service experience.
Our Solutions
Systematic omni-channel data integration and mapping
CDP Construction
HYPERS has the industry's leading 100 billion tag computing power and millisecond processing response speed, creating an easy-to-maintain, high-speed, intelligent, and stable marketing middleware system, supporting real-time and offline batch access, integrating omni-domain data for brands, opening data silos, uncovering massive data, revitalizing enterprise data assets, and grasping the entire life cycle all brands, channels, and touchpoints in one screen.
Connecting hundreds of millions of user data points, showing how data is linked within a group, and tracking the entire consumer lifecycle from offline to online and from public domain to private domain journeys, allowing brands to deploy fine-tuned strategies through comprehensive multi-touch user interactions
Decoding digital genetic mapping pain points, building exclusive, dynamic, and evolutionary solutions
Building Tagging System
Optimize one side of the index system using deep experience in the beauty industry, separating the public and private domain tags while breaking data silos by integrating multiple enterprise labels to provide rich, three-dimensional user portraits. These efforts lay the groundwork for meeting the personalized needs of consumers.
Segmentation Scoring
HAR combined with model and machine learning practices, uses scoring-based predictions for various marketing campaigns to identify high-value, potential consumers to direct targeted channel delivery applications.
User Behavior Analysis
Using a variety of flexible and easy-to-use models to track and predict user behavior, we can continuously optimize content solutions to improve open rates and user conversion rates.
Delivery Attribution
Create a clear conversion path through advertising post-investment verification, pre-investment channel selection, and combining ratio analysis to gain insights into the true contribution of each channel. Helping make marketing efforts to be transparent, traceable, and optimizable.
Opportunities to unlock and drive efficient brand growth
Dynamic Trend Sharing
Develop the horizons of top-level operations so that brands can gain insights into new trends and needs of future markets from data.
Dynamic and Continuous Model Tracking
Improve the accuracy and conversion rates of brands' marketing operations, saving millions of dollars in ineffective and inefficient placement costs.