Difficulties in Collecting Data
With many consumers’ touch points and increasing channel barriers, it is challenging to collect high-quality, personalized data flexibly and comprehensively.
Data Silos
It is difficult to integrate and manage data that is isolated in highly segmented channel touchpoints and/or fragmented ecosystems.
Disconnection Between Data Analysis and Customer-Facing Business
A lack of intelligent data platforms and integrated data analysis tools make it hard to achieve actionable business insights, making it challenging to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.
Ambiguous Advertising Results
Without the ability to integrate omni-channel data or scientifically finetune ad serving strategies cause businesses ineffective communication and lower conversion rates.
Inefficient Data Collection and Analysis
Gathering, analyzing, and applying results gathered across various applications and scenarios put constrains on productivity.
Solutions and Advantages
We provide you with detailed, efficient, and integrated data management solutions with real-time monitoring dashboards, permission control, and intelligent security across all channels. The solutions connect data silos and makes user data management efficient and effective.
End-to-end data integration
Billions intelligent data processing daily across various channels and ecosystems makes HYPERS a one-stop shop for efficient omni-channel data collection.
Build Comprehensive and Consistent User Persona
With our multi-dimensional, cross-brand, and fully-customizable data tagging system, brands can gain expansive depth and breadth of user insights, while enhancing the scalability of the businesses.
Microdata Tagging System
Intelligently manage and sort billions of microdata with HYPERS smart and integrated tagging system for efficient, end-to-end data collection and organization.
Deeply Personalized User Activations
Using a scalable suite of open-source applications to drive true personalization and digital cross-channel growth, HYPERS provides flexible and easily integrated solutions.
Powerful Technology to Unleash Business Potential
HYPERS cutting-edge system will consolidate, integrate, and analyze data, helping brands easily identify trends and opportunities. Unleash data's maximum potential while improving ROI.