Intricate Media Touchpoints
Abundance of media touchpoints and diverse target audiences cause extremely difficult to perform rea-time tracking, evaluate advertising efficiency and optimize marketing strategies.
Ineffective Data Analysis
Current data analysis methodology cannot accurately evaluate cross-platform and cross-device media placement. It results in inability to support multi-channel ad placement optimization.
Ambiguous Advertising Results
Without the ability to integrate omni-channel data or scientifically finetune ad serving strategies cause businesses ineffective communication and lower conversion rates.
Solutions and Advantages
HYPERS provides brands with a ready-to-go advertising tracking and analysis platform. From intelligent data processing, monitoring, feedback, and optimization, to accurate marketing activities and advertising automation, it integrates all phases of marketing channels from beginning to end.
Efficient Real-Time Data Processing
With the ability to process 10 billion advertising data daily in real-time, HYPERS provides brands with comprehensive conversion data and multi-dimensional index reports with stable and accurate monitoring, allowing users to make reliable and evidence-based marketing decisions and strategies.
Monitor, Measure and Evaluate Advertising Effectiveness in Real-Time
Real-time insights into each channel's performance, it helps eliminate data interference from abnormal traffic and improve overall data accuracy. This ensures that personalized content reaches high-value targeted consumer groups at the right time through precise content delivery systems.
Effectively Improve Advertising ROI
Based on real-time performance feedback, it helps adjust the content mix and channel strategy in time to allocate ad spending to the best-performing distribution channels, lower inefficient investment cost and effectively improving ROI.
Powerful, Scalable, and Cohesive
Seamlessly integrates with other HYPERS products to gain advanced, cohesive functions fitting the needs of each brand. Achieve intelligent, flexible, and data-driven marketing strategies.