Several hundred million users
covering tens of billions of data points
Adding 200+ group tags
across 5 major brands
user groups built
inactive user Recognition Rate
increase in recovery rate of monthly potential customer attrition
new customer recruitment rate of marketing activities
Client Background
As a pioneer of digital transformation in the food industry, an international food&beverage conglomerate launched its digital transformation plan in China years ago, it dedicated to providing Chinese consumers with refined and time-sensitive operational services. Therefore, the group is in urgent need of professional systems to empower its multi-brand, multi-channel, and multi-category business decisions and operational efficiency, further promoting company's end-to-end digital construction and providing Chinese consumers with higher quality and more personalized service and consumption experiences.
Food & Beverage
Products Purchased
HAC Customized Services
Evolving Challenges
User Data is Unclear and Incomplete
The original consumer labeling feature system is not detailed enough to meet the personalized and diversified needs the new generation of consumers in the market segment requires.
Data Analysis Doesn’t Translate to Actionable Insights
• In terms of user lifecycle operation, it is difficult to effectively recover lost members and retarget dormant users.
• In event operations, the prediction and monitoring before, during, and after the event are not accurate enough to provide useful data.
Our Solutions
Systematic domain-wide data integration and data genetic mapping
CDP Construction
HYPERS has the industry's leading 100 billion tag computing power and millisecond processing response speed, creating an easy-to-maintain, high-speed, intelligent, and stable marketing middleware system, supporting real-time and offline batch access, integrating omni-domain data for brands, opening data silos, uncovering massive data, revitalizing enterprise data assets, and grasping the entire life cycle all brands, channels, and touchpoints in one screen.
Connecting hundreds of millions of user data points, showing how data is linked within a group, and tracking the entire consumer lifecycle from offline to online and from public domain to private domain journeys, allowing brands to deploy fine-tuned strategies through comprehensive multi-touch user interactions
Decoding digital genetic mapping and challenges, building exclusive, dynamic, and evolutionary solutions
Integrating Tagging System
• Created customer perspective end-to-end tags that support expansion into full-spectrum digital marketing
• Incorporated universal tags and brand tags to achieve more comprehensive user insights at the group level, as well as cross-brand applications and empowerment
• Built new retail brand labels, created labels applicable to expanding business scenarios, integrated future business models, and enhanced scalability
• Enriched multi-dimensional tags for people, goods, and fields, especially more granular behavior tags to improve multi-dimensional analysis.
Unlocking the business's full potential while driving growth
Dynamic Trend Data Sharing
Create clarity for front-line operations so that brands can gain additional insights into new trends and the needs of their ever-evolving market through gathered data.
Greatly Empowering Brand Innovation
Reduce the cost of trial and error in cross-channel and cross-category applications and new business scenario development and enhance the innovation and business expansion capability of brands.
Deeply Personalized User Activation
Deep insight-based personalized services and content pushing have retargeted and reactivated dormant users, vastly reducing the membership attrition rate and successfully attracting many new consumers to join as members through activities.