Hundreds of thousands
of network & companies
Nearly 1000 sessions
online and offline conference support
Hundreds of
active system users
marketing conversion rate
Client Background
The company is a leading global provider of communication facilities and intelligent terminals, serving customer-facing consumers as well as business-side enterprise customers. The company is keen on exploring how to effectively collect and manage business-side customer data from multiple sources and deeply explore its value to better provide customized services for customers.
Products Purchased
Customized Dashboard
Evolving Challenges
Data Silos
With numerous consumer touch points, data is isolated across various channels such as e-commerce and offline, making it difficult to integrate and manage properly.
Data Collection Methods Are Not Standardized
Enterprises have not formed a standardized data collection process, resulting in large amounts of messy historical data, making it difficult to conduct in-depth analysis and draw meaningful insights.
Data Analysis Cannot Support Front-End Business
The current data analysis methods mainly rely on manual reports and lack digital tools and platforms, making it difficult to integrate marketing analysis and sales management. In turn, this makes front-end business optimization a challenge.
Challenges of Increasing User Reach and Conversion Rates
Brands with a large combination of online and offline marketing activities lack accurate user reach strategies, therefore, they're unable to achieve or provide a personalized user experience, resulting in conversion rates that fail to meet expectations.
Our Solutions
Systematic omni-channel data integration and mapping
Data Lake and CDP Construction
HYPERS planned the overall data access integration standard for the brand while establishing a data quality monitoring system and early warning mechanism to improve data access in a two-pronged manner. The entire platform is efficiently docked and connected to nearly 10 billion side ecosystems, enabling unified cross-channel enterprise and customer data integration and digital management.
Decoding digital genetic mapping pain points, building exclusive, dynamic, and evolutionary solutions
Data Insight Dashboard
In line with business needs, the real-time data dashboard is customized for customers, covering core reports such as marketing effect analysis, customer profiles, competitor voice analysis, and KPI analysis, enabling companies to fully manage and gain insights into customer lifecycle dynamics, understand the latest trends of competing products, analyze regional performance indicators, and set core indicators for future sales.
Market automation
Optimize EDM marketing processes, supporting fast and multi-dimensional targeting while optimizing and iterating marketing strategy through effective, timely analysis.
Real-Time Query Engine
Real-time query monitoring based on user profiles, creating personalized recommendations and application scenarios. Instead of targeting a large group of similar users, our query engine allows brands to target individuals.
Leads Scoring
The B2B industry's lead decision-making solution to evaluate the quality of leads. Based on customer characteristics across different dimensions and through the algorithm model that fits the actual brand, it calculates the comprehensive lead rating and prompts follow-up strategies.
Unlocking business potential and driving efficient growth
Powerful Computing Power to Unleash the Power of Data
Established a standardized data collection and one-stop data management system for the whole chain, allowing brands to free up manpower and use data to their advantage while fully understanding new trends and needs of the future market.
Data-Driven Precision Marketing
Effectively improve marketing accuracy and marketing email open rates, successfully create EDM marketing in a closed loop.
Deeply Personalized User Activation
Using personalized recommendations to significantly increase the frequency of visitor interaction, reduce bounce rates, and effectively improve visitor retention.
A Dynamic, Continuous Follow-Up System
Algorithm-based optimization of follow-up strategies to continuously guide sales staff and build long-term relationships with customer