Featured Case Studies
A New Growth Model to Gain Traffic
With digital natives becoming the core consumers within the beauty industry, the biggest challenge the industry faces are how to effectively overcome the increasingly high cost of traffic to attract and retain their attention while flexibly meeting their more individual and diverse needs.
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Analyzing Data for Hidden Opportunities
Creating New Value with New Interpretations
The arrival of a digital ecosystem has reshaped the ways automotive brands and their customers interact. With numerous barriers across channels and touchpoints, brands' ability to track and make sense of the complete user journey has been greatly affected. Traditional business data analysis is no longer sufficient, nor is it agile enough to learn the unique and diverse needs of customers.
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For Customers
For Better Service
In the new era, people's awareness of financial management and investment is increasing, and the "new finance" represented by online and mobile finance is thriving. Due to the wide range of customer groups and unfocused characteristics, banks need to change from product-centered to user-centered. It is necessary to accumulate user data assets to provide personalized products and services
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Quantitative Analysis of Big Data
Accurate Management of Small Data
With the continuous changes in consumer behavior, this brand needs to upgrade its professional systems and tools to cover the group’s multi-brand, multi-channel and multi-category operational efficiency and business decision-making, further promote the company’s end-to-end digital construction, and provide consumers with better personalized service and consumer experience.
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From Global to Local
The Evolutionary Code of Quality and Efficiency
With the advent of the digital era, the need for intelligence and personalization has become a major trend in the fashion industry. However, with the growing awareness of personal privacy among the younger generation of consumers, traditional privacy management systems are limiting brands from further providing consumers with a more refined and customized marketing and service experience.
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Connecting Multi-Source Channels
Empowering Digital Transformation
In the digital era, the ability of brands to provide personalized customer experiences and 24/7 communication delivery is critical to building organic, long-term customer relationships. Therefore, how we systematically and comprehensively collect and manage customer data in order to fully optimize business value with personalized marketing and services has become a key issue in the digital transformation process of B2B enterprises.
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